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A short story first published in Issue 1 of The Istanbul Review.

At eight a.m., on the morning of the last day of her life, Alice Calder stood shivering in the outdoor pool of the Madeira Heights Hotel. Refracted by … Read more...



First published in Making Soup in a Storm by A.S.L.S.

April is rearranging her knickers. In the queue at the garden centre cafeteria. Her hand is right down the back of her tracksuit bottoms, tweaking and twitching and pulling the … Read more...



First published in Mslexia, Issue 64

I crave bare skin. Skin uncluttered, undefined. Skin that refuses to choose.

It’s too late for me. I am blemished with butterflies and roses, lilies and hummingbirds. Over the years I’ve scarred countless others … Read more...

Links to other works

Two Lost Souls in Humangerie, Eibonvale Press

Our Big Day Out in North, Polygon Press

Flesh and Promise in Parenthesis, Comma Press

Out With the Old in Bucket of Frogs, A.S.L.S.

Seaview in The Edinburgh